Sound Off For Belize

The youth group is being challenged to fast from electronics/media for the week of April 22-28th. We will officially begin the fast the 22nd after youth group and break the fast with a day of service the 28th.


Students will replace media/electronic use with intentional time in prayer for the Belize mission trip as well as their own walks with Christ.

Students not going on the mission trip will raise pledges for the fast and help contribute to the building of a work shed for the congregation in Belize. (Pledges are to be received from outside our own congregation.)

Students will break the fast on the 28th by serving breakfast at the downtown KARM shelter and building a residential handicap ramp with Operation Backyard.


The event costs $20 and the sign ups are here: Sign Up HERE

The $20 will cover the cost for a t-shirt, lunch, and travel on the 28th.


I'm excited for this event for a number of reasons.

1) This gives student's who can't go on our Belize mission trip a tangible way to support and participate.

2) Students will be challenged. This will not be easy.

3) Students will break routine and hopefully hear from God.

4) We get to serve.