Alaska outdoor Mission Trip



This summer a team of high school youth will be heading north to volunteer at a summer camp in Alaska.

This is a great opportunity for our youth to experience God through nature and service. We will be volunteering at a 4-6th grade week at Solid Rock Bible Camp. 

Dates July 17-24

Cost $695+Travel

Why Alaska?

Every summer, Alaska needs volunteers. Many local volunteers are unable to help because of the short berry and fish season. They are dependent on subsistent living for the long winter. 

Those who aren't dependent on berries and fish try and make the most of the short summer season. They chose to vacation and travel and are not available to help at camp.

Groups from the 'lower 48' who come and serve are said to breathe life into camp. 

The hope and goal is to go, breathe life, serve, experience God in nature, and be filled ourselves.

Covid Information

Traveling during a pandemic does not come without risk. We have chosen Alaska with this in mind. Alaska affords an international feel while having the luxury of being domestic. The items below lists some of the ways this trip will mitigate risk:

  • Alaska is leading the nation in vaccination distribution. As of now, 13% of residence have been vaccinated and the number should only go up by summer.
  • Flying into Alaska requires a negative covid test 72 hours before flight. This will limit the amount of potential exposure in flight.
  • The camp has a mandatory indoor mask policy and temperature checks before entering indoors for meals.
  • Students will also be isolated, with students only in their bunks. Their bunk and campers will rotate as a group throughout the week for each activity, limiting exposure.
  • Serving at camp the whole time limits our interaction with the public.

Here is a link for the summer camp we will be serving at:

Here is a link for the mission organization we are partnering with: