Sunday Services

Worship Service

We are offering a service at 9:00 and 10:30 in the building.  See below for more details. 

You will be able to worship online Sunday as we will live stream the 10:30 service.  To view the service on Youtube go to this link at 10:30 - Youtube Live  If you would like to watch the Live Feed on Facebook click this link - Facebook Live  

If you can't watch at 10:30 you will be able to watch a recording any time later in the day on Youtube.  

Sunday School Classes

No Sunday School Classes will be offered this week.

Kid Min Worship

We are offering an Elementary age and Preschool Worship Service at 10:30 in the Kid Min area.  See below for more details.

We also are offering online worship for Elementary age click here - Kid’s Online Worship

Click here for Preschool worship - Preschool Worship

Church Re-Gathering Plan

Here is a short video of what to expect  - Sunday Expectations.

We are Reopening the Church building for services, with 2 services. We are limiting both services to 120 in the Sanctuary. At 9:00 we will have a service designed for those who are higher risk. Our second service will be at 10:30 and is open to all. If we have more than 120 in a service we will open up overflow seating in the foyer. During our 10:30 service we will have Kid’s Programming for our Elementary students.  

Social Distancing

We will be following the guidelines for reopening given by the Governor’s office. You can read those guidelines Here - Guidance for Gathering

Our Sanctuary will be marked for social distancing by sitting family units 6 feet apart. Please DO NOT change the set up or remove any materials used to mark these areas.

Our Welcome Team will guide you through a contactless experience from the door directly to your worship center seat. At all times we will assist you in maintaining a 6ft. safe distance as you move through the facility.

During this time please refrain from shaking hands, hugging or high fives. 

Enter only through our main entrance. Kids will enter through the office doors.

Masks - The first service is designed for those who are more vulnerable, masks are required. In the second service, we highly recommend everyone wear a mask.

General Precautions

Do not attend if you are sick or running a fever. Please check the temperature of each family member before arriving. 

High-risk populations should continue to utilize our online services. Remember, there is NO PRESSURE to attend, no one is more or less spiritual. There is no judgment. 

Before and after each service, our facilities team will sanitize our worship center, lobbies, restrooms, doors and all common areas.

Bring your own coffee and water bottle. Water Fountains will not be available, but bottled water will be available if needed.  

After the service we would like for you to fellowship outside, so those who are preparing for the next service will be able to clean.

Preschool & Elementary Worship

Because we have safely been able to introduce Elementary Worship, we can now start tip-toeing into Preschool Worship! Some important steps HAVE to be followed to continue moving forward. Please review these before registering your child each week:

* YOU MUST REGISTER EACH WEEK! There is a limit in each classroom (2’s & 3’s/4’s & 5’s). To Register click - Register (the link can also be found on our website and Farragut Christian Church Children’s Ministry Facebook page)
* When you register your preschooler, “preschool” indicates ages 2 and 3. “Preschool 4” indicates ages 4 and 5. 
* We will offer Farragut Kids Preschool Worship during the 10:30a service, only.
* If you cannot keep your registration, please contact Randi or the office, immediately.
* Check your preschooler in through our new KidMin Check In Station located through the office entrance. There, your child will receive their name tag, check out tag, have their temperature taken, and sanitize their hands BEFORE being escorted back to their classroom. 
* DO NOT bring personal items, sippy cups, snacks, toys, books, diapers, wipes, etc. from home. (Diapers and wipes will be provided in the classroom. Exceptions will only be made for contact allergies.)
* The volunteers are required to wear masks and wash hands, often. We understand that it is impossible to run this ministry without being held or kept in close contact- disrupting the 6’ rule. 
* PLEASE adhere to our sick policy. If your child is experiencing ANY symptoms of COVID-19 or any other illness, please stay home and enjoy our online option. 
* DO NOT leave campus.
* Please be very prompt in checking out your child. We cannot being our deep cleaning until all kids have left the space. 
* Be prepared for some separation anxiety with your preschooler. Please keep your phone with you, on silence. If your child struggled getting adjusted in the classroom, we will text you. 
* We cannot guarantee your child’s health while worshipping with us. Allowing your child to participate at church confirms that you understand that they are attending at their own risk. 
* We will continue to offer an online Preschool Worship option for our preschoolers who are staying home. 

We are excited to welcome your little ones back into the building… safely!! 

As a reminder, this is all very fluid. We are influenced by the decisions made by our leadership and county government. 

* Kid’s Worship Reminders
Please help us continue to keep our Kid’s Ministry COVID-free by reminding your child to:

* sanitize before and after service
* keep chairs 6’ apart (unless it’s a family unit)
* wear masks, if your family chooses, when moving around and visiting with other kids
* obey our two-kid max bathroom rule
* respects the boundaries of kids around them

If we can keep doing all of these recommendations, we will continue to have a safe and healthy KidMin Worship Live!

Elementary will have a separate worship at 10:30. We ask that you to enter through the office doors to register your kids. Please utilize the church app check in option to make this faster. Your Elementary kid is welcome in the sanctuary with you and we will send out an online option for Elementary age as well.

For ease of parents minds, each kid will have their temperature checked and be asked to use hand sanitizer as they head back to their area.

For pick up, walk down the hallway to the check-in table and a volunteer will walkie talkie back for your kid to meet you there.

Online Worship Service

Join us here for our weekly online Sunday morning worship service.