Small Groups

One word we use consistently is the word, family.  We believe that as a church we should operate as a family.  This means we should laugh with each other and cry with each other.  We stand up for each other and are stood up for when we need it.  The best way for you to feel like you are a part of the family is to be involved in a small group.  We offer different types of groups and we encourage you to be involved in a least one of the groups.  If you want to see the different types of small groups click here.  If you want more information click below.


Compassion & Global Mission

Farragut has has a long history of being involved in missions.  We have had members leave our church family to serve overseas which means we become deeply invested in sharing the Gospel and meeting needs around the world.  Currently 17.5% of every dollar  given goes to our local compassion ministry or our global missionaries.  

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Compassion Ministries

Compassion ministries are local ministries that we support financially, prayerfully, and physically.  Some of these ministries are housed in the church and some in the community.  We encourage our members to be involved in an hour of service a week, whether it is through one of our ministries or one they find on their own.  

Global Missions

The life-changing message of Jesus Christ is intended for a worldwide audience. Our purpose is to impact nations by equipping believers to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19.) We partner with ministries in other parts of the world by providing short-term mission teams, financial support and other resources.


Kids & Student Ministries

We put a big emphasis on providing great care for your kids and students.  We desire to provide a safe and encouraging environment where kids and teenagers can find a place to belong and grow spiritually.

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Sunday School:

Nursery - High School 9:15-10:15 (Middle/High School Sunday school class is the only class meeting during our construction)


Sunday Worship:

Nursery - 5th Grade

Sunday Evenings:

Nursery - High School (5:00-6:15)

Wednesday Night Groups:

Middle/High School (Grades 6 - 12): 600pm - 7:30pm

Occasional Elementary Age classes - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Adult Ministries

We offer a variety of adult ministries where you can serve and connect as a family.  Click on the link below to see a description of these ministries.