First Time Here?

What to Expect

Welcome!  When you pull in the parking lot you will see some visitor's parking spaces near the front awning.  Feel free to park there and come on in.  In the foyer you will find a coffee bar and you will be greeted by several people.  If you have young kids, we will show you to our Check In Station, so that they can be checked in to go back to a worship service designed for them.  If they choose to stay with you, that is fine, but the kid's area is something they won't want to miss.  Our song service focuses on connecting you with the theme of the day as we Worship God.  We serve communion every Sunday, and it is our tradition to hold the cup & juice and take it as a family.  We do take up an offering but as a visitor don't feel like you need to give.  Our sermons are designed to connect the Bible to you in a tangible way.  Our goal is to be done by 11:45.

When & Where



Farragut Christian Church

138 Admiral Road

Knoxville, TN 37934

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Meeting Times:

1st Worship Service/Sunday school - 9:15am

2nd Worship Service Sunday Worship - 10:30am

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Sunday school classes from nursery-adults.  Our worship service is middle school - adult.  Children 5th grade and younger meet in our KidMin area.  Every 5th Sunday  kindergarten - 5th grade will meet with the adults.