Summer Reading Book Club

Welcome to Farragut Christian Church's annual Summer Reading Book Club. Your kid is about to embark on the coolest adventure of the summer by winning prizes for reading! This year's theme is "Camp Read-A-Lot". We will Read S'more during the summer of 2017!  Check out below how they can win a prize during other school breaks.


- Participants read books or are read to according to their reading level:

     - Non-Readers - Every book read to them counts as one. Every chapter of the Bible read to them counts as one. Get a

       copy of the reading log for non-readers here.

     - Beginning Readers - Every book at their reading level read by them counts as one. Every book above their reading

       level read to them counts as one. Every chapter of the Bible that they read or is read to them counts as one. Get a

       copy of the reading log for beginning readers here.

     - Readers - Every twenty FULL pages read at their reading level by them counts as one. Every chapter of the Bible

       they read or is read as a family counts as one. Get a copy of the reading log for readers here.

- Complete a Reading Log based on your reading level as described above. See above for a link to get a copy of the

   reading log for your reading level. Remember to include your name on your reading log. Parents may also email Dena

   with the amount you have read each week.

- Due to the popularity of some of the series of books in the library, participants will only be allowed to check out one

  book in a series at a time. If needed, the number of new books checked out may be limited as well.

- The library reserves the right to deny a participant the right to check out books if the library feels the participant has

   too many unreturned books.


Prizes will be awarded for every 20 colored, circled or x'd-out on the reading log up to 200. Reading logs can be turned in for prizes on Sundays after morning worship service or at our Book Club Events. Additional prizes will be awarded at our Book Club Finale at our Labor Day Picnic.

Special Events:

Kids will have the opportunity to experience hands-on incredible Bible stories, amazing experiments, games and tasty treats. Since everything is hands-on, participants might get a little messy. Be sure to come in play clothes and safe shoes. The dates for our special events in 2017 are June 28 and July 19 from 1:00 - 2:00pm.

School Break Mini Book Club

Kids can earn a prize based on the number on challenges they complete while on School Break. Encourage your kids to read for fun while at home or on the road!

Our current challenge is "Fall Into Reading". Have your kids read during Fall Break and complete as many of the challenges  on their "pumpkin" as they can. Return to Miss Dena after Fall Break for their prize, that's it!