mother's day out (mdo)

Registration will open February 8 for our Fall 2024 session which will begin on August 20, 2024 and run through May 15, 2025.  We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from  8:30am - 2:00pm.  We have a non-refundable registration fee of $95 for our Fall session and monthly installments of $180. We do have sibling discounts. Our school calendar is based on Knox County Schools and other surrounding private school calendars.  Our classroom enrollment is small. We accept children ages 18 months to 5 years of age. To view our Registration Packet which includes information on our enrollment process, registration fess and installment payments, click here.

Our goal is to provide a ministry to mothers and preschool children of our community.  We strive to create a loving, nurturing, and home-like atmosphere for young children.  It is our desire to provide spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and social growth in a Christian Atmosphere.  This is to enable children to feel good about themselves and the world around them.  We want children to discover ways that God has made them unique.  We want each child to experience God's love through loving relationships and happy times.

The basic foundational belief is that all areas of a child's development are important and intrinsically woven together.  Children are viewed as active learners who construct their knowledge through active participation in their environment.  Our goal is to love FIRST and provide varied and stimulating activities: both group and individual, quiet and active, throughout the day.  Focus will be given to developing the child's spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive physical and language skills.  Emphasis is on the process of learning, not the outcome of an activity.

Our philosophy is based on our belief that God loves each of us.  Preschool years only happen once.  We hope to be a positive part of your preschooler's life.  Parenting is a challenging job!  It is our hope that we provide a support of encouragement to you as parents.  We want to work with you as parents in laying a positive Christian foundation for your child.

Goals and objectives

While each teacher sets specific classroom goals and objectives, the following are general to the program:

To provide a home-like atmosphere where loving the child is priority number one.

To provide an atmosphere for getting along with each other and accepting authority.

To help children learn about God and to know He loves them and has plans for them.

To teach children to manage themselves, their materials and to recognize and make good choices.

To build a child's self esteem by encouraging them to find comfortable, contributing places in their classroom and society.

To help better prepare the child for the next phase in their life, be it socially, emotionally, physical and educational.

CURRICULUM OVERVIEW - Our curriculum is based on providing each child with a developmentally appropriate education.  Integrating several child development theories, we focus on the basic skills and concepts that are essential to every child's healthy, spiritual, mental, physical and emotional/social growth.  Teaching is done using informal techniques such as creative play, music, and activities that enhance quality literature chosen daily by the teacher.  Each class also has a daily Bible Story or Character Building Story and a Monthly Bible Memory Verse.  The intention of our program is not to hasten the child's progress, but to respond to each child's learning and developmental needs as they happen.