One of the best ways for you to be involved in the church and grow is through a small group.  We offer many different types of groups in order to engage many different people.

  • Sunday School

    Our traditional Sunday School program functions as a small group.  We have adult classes,, high school, middle school, elementary, preschool and nursery classes.  These groups meet at 9:15 on Sunday mornings in the church building. (Youth Sunday school is the only class meeting during the current construction)


    Our Sunday night programing is called Family groups.  It is where our Church family gets together in groups in order to grow and support one another.  Our nursery-high school programs run from 5:00-6:15.  Our adult groups run from 5:15-6:15.  This gives you time to drop the kids off at church and make it to your group.  We have groups that meet in the building and groups that meet in members'  homes. These groups take a hiatus during the summer.


    Through the week we have different men's & women's groups that meet.  Some of these groups meet in the morning, some during the day and some during the evening.  Some of the groups have child-care and some don't, the purpose of the groups are not only to grow in our knowledge and love for God but also to connect with other men & women in the church.