Lock Out 9/24-9/25

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Date: 9/24-9/25

Time: 10:15pm-11:30am

Cost: $55

What To Bring: Clothes to play, swimsuit, towel, snacks & drinks to share, sleeping bag & pillow, and FCC waiver on file.

Locations: Main Event & Johnson University



Schedule of Events*

10:15-10:30pm- Meet @ FCC

11:00-2:00am- Main Event

2:00-3:00am- Travel to Johnson University

3:00-6:00am- Games, Swim, Snack @ JU

6:00-9:30am- Movie & Sleep @ JU

9:30-10:00am- Breakfast

10:00-11:00am- Church @ JU

11:30-11:45am- Pickup from FCC

* I will send out a finalized schedule two days before event