Library News

Come check out the new books in the library! These books were added to the library this week:

Children's Books:

Daniel Finds A Poem~Micha Archer

Violet The Pilot~Steve Breen

A Suitcase Surprise for Mommy~Cat Cora

Run Wild~David Covell

Llama Llama Loves To Read~Anna Dewdney

The Rabbit Listened~Cori Doerrfeld

Chimpanzees For Tea!~Jo Empson

God Bless My Friends~Hannah Hall

Jake At Gymnastics~Rachel Isadora

Silly Goose's Big Story~Keiko Kasza

Goodnight, Numbers~Danica McKellar

When God Made You~Matthew Turner

Bear Sees Color~Karma Wilson

Children's Early Readers:

Meet Tinker Bell (Level 1)~Apple Jordan

American Girl: A Girl Named Rosa~Denise Patrick

Disney Fairies: Game Of Hide-And-Seek (Level 3)~Tennant Redbank

American Girl Welliewishers: Ashlyn's Fall Fiesta (Level 2)~Meredith Rusu

American Girl Welliewishers: Emerson Is Mighty Girl (Level 2)~Meredith Rusu

American Girl Welliewishers: Kendall's Snow Fort (Level 2)~Meredith Rusu

Finding Dory: Dory's Story (Level 2)~Bill Scollon

Children's Boardbooks:

Elementary Age Books:

American Girl: Blair~Jennifer Castle
American Girl: Gabriela~Teresa Harris
American Girl: Tenney~Kellen Hertz
American Girl Beforever: Addy, A Heart Full Of Hope~Connie Porter
American Girl Beforever: Addy, Finding Freedom~Connie Porter
American Girl Forever Friends: Jasmine's Big Idea~Crystal Velasquez
Star Wars The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron~Elizabeth Wein
American Girl: Lea Dives In~Lisa Yee

Adult Non-Fiction:

When God Doesn't Fix It~Laura Story

Adult Fiction:

A Harvest Of Thorns~Corban Addison

The Pursuit Of Tamsen Littlejohn~Lori Benton

The Book Of Hours~T Davis Bunn

Amish Sweethearts~Amy Clipston

Strands Of Truth~Colleen Coble

Fading Starlight~Kathryn Cushman

Darling Family: They Danced On~Carre Gardner

Slender Reeds, Jochbed's Hope~Texie Gregory

Legacy Of Faith: Cross My Heart~Robin Lee Hatcher

Amish Of Big Sky Country: #1 Mountains Of Grace~Kelly Irvin

Every Amish Season: #2 Beneath The Summer Sun~Kelly Irvin

Love And Other Mistakes~Jessica Kate

The Weaver's Daughter~Sarah Ladd

The Sisters Of Sugarcreek~Cathy Liggett

The Enlightenment Of Bees~Rachel Linden

Becoming The Talbot Sisters~Rachel Linden

Heaven Help Helen Sloane~JR Lucas

With Love, Wherever You Are~Dandi Daley Mackall

A Sound Among The Trees~Susan Meissner

State Of Lies~Siri Mitchell

Flirtation Walk~Siri Mitchell

A Death Well Lived~Daniel Overdorf

Fragments Of Fear~Carrie Parks

Through The Deep Waters~Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Justice Game~Randy Singer

Banister Falls: #1 The Dandelion Field~Kathryn Springer

Banister Falls: #2 The Hearts We Mend~Kathryn Springer

Sweet Mercy~Ann Tatlock

The Governess Of Highland Hall~Carrie Turansky

Chance Of Loving You~Various Authors

A Season To Wed~Various Authors

Paper Hearts~Courtney Walsh

Christiansen Family: Always On My Mind~Susan May Warren

Deep Haven: You Don't Know Me~Susan May Warren

Midnight On The River Grey~Abigail Wilson